This blogger’s bachelorette party was so beautiful we honestly shed a tear

Okay, bachelorette party goals much? Actually, north Jersey blogger Jess Galfo’s entire wedding situation was absolute superbness. But let’s talk about the bachelorette party since the beauty recently spilled the details behind it on

According to Jess, she and her besties headed to South Carolina and “spent four full days on the Isle of Palms and Charleston and [she] could go on and on for hours declaring [her] love for these two beautiful places.”

This cake was consumed. Yup.

The bride-to-be casually rocked this ridiculously flawless hairstyle.

Can we talk about these invites? Actually, there are no words.

A candlelit lunch occurred. No big deal.

Annnnnnd a close up of the table just to rub it in a little more. Bye.

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