‘RHONJ’ season 7, episode 6 preview: Why Melissa Gorga is mad at Jacqueline Laurita

melissa-gorga-jacqueline-laurita-rhonj-season-sevenvia Bravo

Real Housewives of New Jersey cast members Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita are the latest ladies to feud on this explosive season of the reality show.

In a new clip from Season 7, episode 6 posted on E!, over a restaurant meal, Melissa chastises Jacqueline for calling Melissa’s husband, Joe Gorga, as seen on the last episode, during an argument at her home with her former close friend Teresa Giudice. Their fight led to Teresa leaving in a huff, dragging her husband Joe Giudice with her.

Now, Melissa is angry at Jacqueline on two counts: one, for calling Joe directly, and two, because she says that Joe never disrespected Jacqueline as she claims he did. As Melissa says over an impassioned meal, “The words never came out of his mouth that Jacqueline’s not a good friend.” Then she goes on to say that girl power and friendship should come before everything, and that if Jacqueline was really concerned, she should have contacted Melissa, not Joe. “Even if he said that about you, call me,” she declares.

But Jacqueline doesn’t agree, arguing that since she had a question about Joe’s behavior, it made perfect sense to go directly to him. “He’s my friend too. You don’t need to be his voice,” she tells Melissa.

It's rare ti Getty Images

It’s rare to find a photo of Jacqueline and Melissa together. This one is from way back in 2011 (with co-star Kathy Wakile)

This doesn’t satisfy Melissa, who responds, “I wish you wouldn’t have put him in that position.” We can see her point, considering that Joe faced the simultaneously wrath and questioning of both Jacqueline and Teresa, with two competing versions of what he supposedly told each of them about the other woman!

Jacqueline starts pointing her finger right in Melissa’s face, extremely offended at the suggestion that she should have brushed aside whatever Joe may or may not have said and dealt with Teresa on her own terms. “I was so good to your family,” Jacqueline says, clearly hurt that Joe may not have trusted her, including going so far as to possibly warn Teresa not to either.

Then we see a cutaway to a solo Melissa facing the camera saying “Something’s off with her.” Is this foreshadowing of what to expect deeper into the season? We’ll have to wait and see!

What else can you expect in Sunday night’s RHONJ? Jacqueline goes ring shopping with her future son-in-law and relationship expert Siggy Flicker joins her family for a traditional Jewish meal. Don’t forget to follow @omjfeed on Twitter as we live Tweet!