There’s probably going to be a worldwide champagne shortage (but NJ is going to be fine)


Do you want the bad news or the good news first?

Alright, we’ll give you the bad news. There’s probably going to be a worldwide champagne shortage. Tragic, we know.

Bravo reports that due to a “late spring frost” and “destructive weather conditions,” France’s vineyards are producing¬†way less grapes than usual. Apparently it’s the worst season since 1956. (Did they even care that it was a bad season in 1956? Pretty sure rappers weren’t convincing everyone to pop bottles back then.)

Here’s the good news. There’s a vineyard in New Jersey that makes award-winning champagne. The best part? They only ship to New Jersey addresses. It’s like the Garden State is in its own bubble (yes that was a bubbly pun), free from the tragedy of the champagne-shortage world.

The Renault Winery Resort is in Egg Harbor and creates blueberry and American champagne. It’s also a recognized New Jersey State Historical site and home to a beautiful hotel, but we’re mostly concerned about the champagne at this particular moment.

The winery¬†suggests adding frozen blueberries to your blueberry champagne, so rest assured that you’re getting your supply from actual geniuses. (Blueberry champagne sounds like it would make a fantastic mimosa, by the way.)

Love Renault's Blueberry Champagne? Add frozen blueberries for a refreshing twist this Summer!

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Renault also has a limited edition pink champagne that is released for Valentine’s Day.

So, while the rest of the world is freaking out about the wine shortage, Jersey girls won’t have to worry about much more than whether their case of bubbly will arrive in five or seven business days.