Can you guess how many nail salons there are in New Jersey?

Nail salons and bakeries are some of the top industries in New Jersey.Pexels

Nail salons and bakeries are some of the top industries in New Jersey.

New Jersey certainly has a reputation with the world after shows like the Sopranos, Jersey Shore and the Real Housewives of New Jersey hit the airwaves. You’d think we just sat around eating cannolis and getting our nails done. Well, it might be accurate.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which looked at the top industries in New Jersey in 2015 compared to the rest of the country, the Garden State’s highest ranking industries included nail salons and retails bakeries. The study revealed there were 1,756 nail businesses around the state.

Meanwhile there were 411 retail bakeries employing 3,798 people in 2015. And the state boasted 53 establishments that manufactured ice cream and frozen desserts such as cakes and pastries.

With so many places to choose from to get pampered and satisfy our sweet tooths it might be hard to narrow down where to go. Luckily, OMJ did some digging for you already and rounding up the best spas and spots to get the best of New Jersey’s famous cheesecake.

Clearly New Jersey knows how to throw a party because we also have a lot of liquor stores: 1,674 beer, wine and liquor stores to be exact.

And if you are planning to get your drink on, New Jersey also ranked high for its number of limo services, with 393 businesses and 4,406 employees. Hudson and Bergen had the highest proportion of that industry.