The 6 best places to get great waffles in New Jersey

Waffles might be the best breakfast food.Pexels

Waffles might be the best breakfast food.

Here at OMJ we have done the hard work (burp!) of uncovering everything from the best ice cream in New Jersey to the best cheesecake and diners. And then we realized that waffles really do deserve their own category. We dug into this task with gusto to find out the best spots to get some of America’s favorite breakfast treat.

Set aside your pancakes or bagels one morning soon and go out to try one of these waffle hot spots.

1. Lenora’s Café in Keyport

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This waterfront restaurant has a lot of famous items on the menu, but it’s their waffles that have people raving. They don’t just serve your ordinary dish, they have a whole waffle section to choose from. You can get a waffle with two eggs, a banana pecan waffle, California waffle with strawberries, bananas and peaches or their famous crunchy waffle, which comes complete with granola, bananas and dulce de leche. Drool!

2. Skylark Fine Diner & Lounge in Edison


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If you’ve got a sweet tooth than look no further than this classic NJ diner Their Belgian waffles are served with vanilla ice cream, and raspberry cream cheese and orange marmalade. I mean, that’s worth the calories right?

3. Grid Iron Waffle Shop in South Orange

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The owners of this joint weren’t kidding when they came up with the name of their restaurant. They offer more waffle options than we’ve seen anywhere else. They have authentic Liege Sugar Waffles, authentic Brussels Waffles, interestingly amazing waffle sandwiches and even a waffle panini.

4. Shut Up and Eat! in Toms River

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They have so many waffle options their menu they had to break it up by breakfast and lunch options. You can literally get everything from a traditional chocolate chip waffle dish to one that’s filled with a pepper hack burger, hot peppers, tomato, avocado and French fries. Your face will be so stuffed no wonder it’s called Shut Up and Eat! 

5. Waffle Waffle

While there might not be a brick and mortar location for these waffles, we have to give props to two Jersey boys who created this company dedicated to making the classic breakfast treat. Found in most delis and supermarkets, a WaffleWaffle is a wonderful dough-based Belgian-style waffle with an American twist. You can even go on their website and build your own waffle by choosing the dough and mix-ins. Just think you could be having a cocoa blueberry waffle in no time.

6. Sansone’s Family Restaurant in Midland Park

If there is anyone we trust to get our food recommendation from it’s the Food Couple NJ. They recently tested out some waffles of their own at this hometown restaurant and they looked delicious. And as any true coinsurers would do, they tested the food item in its purest form: just a hint of powdered sugar.