OMJ Blogger of the Month: Lola Blue Style’s Erika Batista


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Meet our OMJ Blogger of the Month for August, Erika Batista of the popular lifestyle blog Lola Blue Style. We caught up with the mom-of-two and fashionista (with 15K Instagram followers) to find out her inspiration, favorite places to shop in NJ, how she balances motherhood and more.

When did you start Lola Blue Style and what was your inspiration for the blog?
I started LBS in 2011 a few months after my son was born. I started the blog just for fun and as a hobby, kind of to have my own little getaway. Being a new mom, I felt like I wanted to have something that reminded me I was still just me, and fashion did just that back then.

What do you enjoy about blogging most?
I love the connection with people all around the world. But what I love most is inspiring other modern moms like me. Whenever I receive messages or emails from women telling me they are inspired, it fills me up with joy. It makes me feel like I am doing something right in the world. Whether it’s by inspiring them to be who they are, their inner fashionista, beauty lover or simply a mom who wants to do it all. I am very honest about my struggles as a mom and I think that helps my readers connect with me and relate.

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What are some of your favorite places to shop in New Jersey?
I have to say I am a mall girl… my favorite stores are H&M, Forever 21 and Zara. Menlo Park Mall is my local mall and I love it. But I truly enjoy walking around Hoboken’s Washington Street and taking a peek at all the fabulous and cute boutiques!

Best summer purchase? this powder blue off-the-shoulder flowy top from @forever21 #f21xme #summerstyle #ootd #wiw #ootn

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We hear you have a Youtube channel can you share some of your beauty must-haves?
My channel!! My baby…. it’s my latest obsession and pride and joy. I’ve been trying to make room for filming because I truly love it. I love that it’s another level of connecting to my readers. I love filming and being in front of the camera. My beauty must haves? A great moisturizer! There is nothing better to me then a hydrated-moisturized face that glows… it truly makes me feel powerful. I used to be an everyday-makeup kind of girl but since upping my skin care game I love being bare faced. And for the days I wear makeup, it’s imperative to have great skin for your makeup to look and feel flawless. So all in all, a great moisturizer, a nude lip and an amazing mascara such as It Cosmetic’s Superhero… I swear by it!

You make it look easy, what are your secrets for being a fashionable mom on the go?
It isn’t easy at all. I tell everyone, Instagram is just a pretty feed! I love dressing up and down.. my secret is shopping for neutral basic pieces that you can add to. For example, a great few tops in black, gray and white… you can do wonders. Add accessories, put on pretty makeup, a good handbag and you are good to go. For me, comfort is key, I say it all over my blog… and I think it shows. No matter if I am in heels or sneakers, I have to be comfortable to feel confident. Confidence radiates and I like to think that this is why it looks effortless and “easy.”

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What’s next for Lola Blue Style?
I have a few fun projects coming up that I can’t wait to share, one with a big magazine and another with a well known and respected baby brand. I am happy with where my YouTube channel is headed. I have so many ideas and not enough time! Being a mom it isn’t easy to try and “do it all” but when you love something you make it happen! You find the time and you make it a reality… not just dreams.

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