Get inked: the top tattoo artists in New Jersey

These are the best spots to get a tattoo you'll love.Pexels

These are the best spots to get a tattoo you’ll love.

Tattoos: some people love them some people hate them. Regardless of you’re feeling about having them on your body, there’s no doubt there are some pretty talented artists out there inking up brave souls. And just like New Jersey is home to some of the best food and shopping, so to is it a hot spot for some of the best tattoo artists.

If you’re feeling a little rebellious, head to one of these shops for some ink of your or simply follow these masters on Instagram for some inspiration.

1. Daniel Rosini at Pure Ink in Ledgewood

This spot was named the best tattoo shop in New Jersey last year by because of their high end day spa feel and eclectic group of artists on hand. While all of the artists take appointments and walk-ins, no one is more popular than Daniel Rosini. His schedule is booked solid for months and we can see why. His work is all about color and he’s done some of crazy photo-realistic animals, Japanese landscapes and space scenes.

2. Brendan “Sailor B” Poblocki at 12 oz Studios in Brooklawn

With two studios (the other one in Deptford) and numerous tattoo artists available, you’ll have no problem getting the perfect piece of body art. But, if you want a good ol’ fashioned tattoo then book and appointment with Brendan “Sailor B” Poblocki. He’s all about the traditional tattoo explaining in his bio, “I just like the boldness of the outline and the power of the solid color, or lack of when there’s whipshading and open skin tone involved.”

3. Chris Adamek at Immortal Ink in Clinton 

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Ready to get that full sleeve or back tattoo you’ve been dreaming of? Look no further than Chris Adamek at Immortal Ink. His portfolio includes tons on intricate large scale tattoos ranging from portraits to spiritual motifs. The shop itself has a little more of classic vibe with things like a saw hanging on the wall that reads “Tattoo Removal.”
4. Dennis Van Blarcom at Rorschach Gallery in Edison 

Part art gallery, part tattoo shop, this place is a haven for those who appreciate all types of art. In the actual shop they have artwork hanging from local artists as well as a gallery of their own body artwork. One of those artists included Dennis Van Blarcom who has been working in the trade since 1991, so you know you’re in good hands.

5. Amber Opal at Looking Glass Tattoos in Brick

This studio goes out of their way to make every client feel relaxed in a sometimes uncomfortable experience. The relaxing room is made of glass, with a view of the trees and sky above you. You’ll feel even more comfortable under the helm of Amber Opal who specializes in wildlife, portraits, realism, botanical and illustrative tattoos. Her work is so popular she’s not taking new appointments at the moment. Good thing we can follow her on Instagram!