Kevin Smith gets behind the register and plays ‘Clerks’ at Hot Topic at Ocean County Mall

Actors Jason Mewes (L) and Kevin Smith pose at the premiere of MGM's "Clerks II" at the Cinerama Dome Theater on July 11, 2006 in Los Angeles, California.Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Once a clerk always a clerk, right?

Kevin Smith directed, wrote and starred in the 1994 film Clerks, which still remains a cult classic in Hollywood and loved by fans all over the world nearly 22 years later.

While the original movie took place in a Quick Stop, the 46-year-old Red Bank native thought it would be a fun idea to see how much being a clerk has changed. On Tuesday, he took a day trip to Hot Topic at Ocean County Mall with his mother to visit his cousin Emily, who happens to run that particular store in that location. Emily allowed him to act as a clerk for the day and learn how modern-day salespeople carry out their responsibilities.

Kevin remains his same goofy self, ringing up his mother Grace at the register. The situation escalated from typical to hilarious in a matter of seconds as Harley Quinn‘s dad pretended to be an impatient sales associate (before anyone gets upset, it was all for laughs and his mom was perfectly fine with it).

Emily then taught the Yoga Hosers director about the different positions held at the store. He was impressed with everything but the greeter role.

The trip was worth it. Kevin left with a new understanding of what today’s retail associates deal with on a daily basis, while Kevin’s mom walked out with a ‘Netflix & Chill’ shirt.

Watch the full video below: