Danielle Jonas has been working out through her pregnancy, but Kevin’s totally slacking

Kevin and Danielle JonasBennett Raglin/Getty Images for DuJour

If it seems like every big name in New Jersey works out with celebrity trainer Anthony Michael, it’s because they do. When he’s not helping us complete the 22 Pushup Challenge, Anthony trains everyone from Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to Jessie James Decker and keeps them in the absolute best shape! He also trains Kevin Jonas  and Danielle Jonas and is helping the expectant mom stay fit through her second pregnancy.

According to Anthony, the workout rules for new moms are different during and after pregnancy. “For instance, during your pregnancy, you never want to use a weight that you can’t do 15 times,” he explained, adding that your heartbeat should never exceed 140 beats per minute and it’s safest to stick to exercises on your back rather than stomach

Although doctors usually advise waiting about six weeks before returning to the gym, Anthony says the rules mostly end there.

“Afterwards, it’s free game,” said the fitness guru.

Watch below to see what Anthony had to say about bouncing back after a baby.

While Danielle, who is about 7 months pregnant with the couple’s second child, has been diligent about staying in shape, Anthony didn’t hesitate to add that Kevin, who has found a second career as a home builder, has been slacking.

“Kevin, get your butt in here!” Anthony joked.

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That sounds like a challenge to us!