Jessie James Decker’s favorite cinnamon rolls are perfect for your next cheat day snack

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Jessie James Decker may be reaping the benefits of her new healthy diet¬†and exercise routine, but that doesn’t mean the country singer¬†can’t enjoy a warm, gooey cinnamon roll every once in a while.

The (sometimes) New Jersey resident took to Instagram to share her favorite cinnamon rolls. Jessie explained that once she ran out, she had a pretty difficult time finding the Robinhood Meetinghouse rolls, but ended up ordering some online and now has a full stash!

On Sunday I eat cinnamon rolls. These are the best cinnamon rolls of all time. I picked them up at a grocery store while we were living in Denver. I thought they looked good on the box so I decided to take them home and pop them in the oven. They were the best cinnamon rolls I had ever tasted in my life. When my mom came to visit I decided to share them w/ her too and many of you don't know, but my mom is a very picky when it comes to treats because she is a fabulous cook/baker herself. She about fell over when she tasted them!! After that we decided we needed to go stock up on more cinnamon rolls but sadly when I went back to the grocery store they were no longer carrying them. We searched high and low for two years trying to remember the name looking in every single grocery store. When finally mom remembered she had taken a picture of the box and found them on her computer. We googled it and found the website and all was good again!! I now have boxes stashed in my freezer for when I am craving those amazing cinnamon rolls. I wanted to share them with you and your family. @biscuitgrams (oh and their biscuits are amazing too)

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According to the Robinhood Meetinghouse website, you shouldn’t need to go through as much trouble as Jessie did to find these delicious cinnamon rolls. They’re available at most Whole Foods locations in New Jersey, including the Ridgewood and Paramus shops.

????????Hi new followers! Here's a picture of our Cinnamon Rolls for anyone who asked. ???? #cinnamonrolls #robinhoodmeetinghouse

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We need to try these scrumptious snacks!