Dolores Catania shares the sweetest mother-son moment (with a Cars milkshake!)

Dolores and Frankie have a close bond.Facebook

Dolores and Frankie have a close bond.

A lot of us probably secretly wish we had a Real Housewife of New Jersey as a mom. Well, for Frankie Catania that’s a reality and he couldn’t be more grateful. Newbie cast member Dolores Catania just shared the sweetest story about her 17-year-old son about how he ditched his friends to give his mom a hug when they ran into each other at a fast food restaurant.

“What a nice surprise when I run into a late night hamburger place by myself feelin sad gab is back at school and Frankie starting next week,” wrote Dolores on Instagram while at the Cars Sandwiches and Shakes in Ramsey. “So feeling sorry for myself I figured I’d go get me some milkshake For comfort and better than that I run into and get the biggest hug from my son @frank.catania not caring that his Friends were there!”

She added, “We just sat and hung out his friends left and we sat and talked and laughed thanks Frankie love u #nomilkshakeneeded #mylittlebuddyforever #soblessed #lovemyboy.”

Dolores and Frank have always been close and she event revealed to OMJ recently how she’s supporting his pursuit to be an actor instead of a football player. #MotherSonGoals