The secret behind Lea Michele’s 24-7 style is her BFF celebrity stylist Brad Goreski

Do you send your friends pictures of your outfits in group chats to make sure you’re not walking out of the house looking like a hot mess? Now, imagine if those friends were also professional stylists? Lea Michele is currently living that reality every time she hits the red carpet with her secret weapon: best friend and celebrity fashion stylist Brad Goreski.

Whenever the 30-year-old former Tenafly resident and Fashion Police co-host get together their conversations go way beyond fashion. They talk about the important things in life like who’s dating who and the shows they can’t stop binge watching. The dynamic duo has also been working on revamping the Scream Queens‘ star sexy style.

“He’s never said, ‘You have to wear this.’ It doesn’t matter if it just came off the runway, it matters how it looks and feels,” Lea told Us Weekly. “I’m not a model. I’m not the type of person you can put anything on and they’ll look good. I truly believe that looking good comes from within. Our process is such a fun experience that I feel like it shows.”

Brad, who also works with celebrities like Kaley Cuoco and Sarah Hyland, doesn’t just weigh in on her red carpet looks. Knowing the paparazzi is watching at all times, Lea also depends on his opinion when she makes a Starbucks run or gets her hair done.

Where can we sign up to get a best friend like this? We have no problem expediting our application. Since we’re not fortunate enough to have a Brad in our lives, we’ll just continue to take inspiration notes from the Hollywood experts!

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