Practical or pink glitter, here’s what your phone case says about you

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Think about the last time you purchased a phone case. There’s no way it was a quick decision. Whether you decided on something fashionable or functional, there’s a pretty good chance that a lot of thought went into the selection of your case. Although the majority of us have the same few phone models, the cases we chose to outfit them in make each phone unique and reveal a lot about our personalities. Here’s what your phone case says about you.

A functional, protective case.
If you have a LifeProof, Otter Box or Speck case on your phone, you probably picked it for functionality. Mistakes happen and you are way too busy to deal with the headache of a broken phone! Whether you’re a naturally clumsy person, or frequently find your phone in the hands of children looking to play games (Seriously, has a child ever seen a smartphone without asking “do you have any games?”), you need the protection of a heavy-duty case, like mom of two Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.


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A different case for every outfit.
If your phone case is part of your #OOTD, you are an extremely detail-oriented, style-conscious girl, like Carli Bybel. You know that your snap on snakeskin case probably won’t protect your phone from a hefty drop, but you don’t mind handling it with a little more caution because it matches your new flats.

A LuMee case.
If you’re a fan of the New Jersey invented selfie light case, you’re probably a glam girl like makeup guru Ashley Tisdale. You take pride in your makeup and see a phone case as an opportunity to enhance all of your hard work. Your selfies are always on point! 


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No phone case.
If you’re one of the few brave souls in this world who feel that phone cases are totally optional, you’re a real risk taker. Exposing your naked iPhone to the big, scary world is just one of the many ways you live life on the edge each day, like singer Halsey.

It's still Thursday for a few more minutes #tbt

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Although no-case people are usually set in their ways, we have a feeling that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Ashlee Holmes might have to throw a case on once little Cameron Hendrix is big enough to hold (and drop) her cell phone!

My beautiful daughter @ashleenicholexx and my Grandson! 😍💋👶🏻 I CAN'T WAIT!!

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Customized phone case.
If you have gone out of your way to get a custom phone case, you’re someone who truly loves to stand out. Whether you’ve ordered a chic monogrammed case from Etsy or have a hilarious BFF case like actor Zach Braff, you want everyone to know that your phone belongs to you!

Best friend phone cases.

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