Where will Siggy Flicker travel to next?

Siggy Flicker reveals why she waited so long to take her honeymoon.Getty/Paul Zimmerman

Siggy Flicker reveals why she waited so long to take her honeymoon.


Siggy Flicker recently went on her honeymoon to Italy four years after getting married to car dealership owner Michael Campanella and it seems she’s now caught the travel bug. She recently just returned from Boca Raton, Florida, where she enjoyed time with friends in the sunny spot.

“Simply grateful that when I come home to Boca Raton I have my home,” she wrote on Instagram about her visit to the place she once lived. “I have the resort but nothing makes me feel more at home that my amazing friends.”

That’s not all of her jet setting plans. The  Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie opened up to OMJ about her big trip next year. “We went to his country this year,” Siggy told us about their belated honeymoon stay at Ravello above the Tyrrhenian Sea. “Next year we’ll go to my country Israel. We have that trip planned and we’re going to have the best time.”

It’s no surprise that she wants to expose her family to her home country as she’s very outspoken about her Jewish heritage. “I’m a super Jew and I’m proud and that’s what I brought on the show,” she told us. “I don’t care about going at people who try to attack me because I’m Jewish and over the top, I am what I am and I make no excuses for it.”