The ultimate girl’s night out in New Jersey: you make your own wine (and drink it, too)

Your Own Winery lets you make your own wine with your girlfriends.Your Own Winery

Your Own Winery lets you make your own wine with your girlfriends.

What do you want to do more on a night out with the girls than drink some wine? Well, one spot in Riverdale just kicked it up a notch. Your Own Winery is a wine-making where wine lovers can personally make over 50 great wines in three easy steps over eight weeks. Basically, your girls’ nights are covered for two months.

The cool locale allows you to enjoy all the steps of the process or partake in just one night of bottling, labeling (with your custom label) and enjoying some great wine with friends, You get to choose from these popular wines – Merlot, Chianti, Zinfandel-Syrah (similar to Apothic Red), Pinot Grigio, Buttery Chardonnay, Riesling blend.

A single evening package starts at $225 per group (six-person limit per group) where you will bottle, cork and label 14 bottles of wine and take home any bottles you do not consume that night. Not sure that will happen! To make things even easier, there’s an Italian restaurant/pizzeria and also a sports bar/ pub – both with take-out. So you can order snacks from there or bring in your own food to enjoy with your wine.

Who’s joining us?