The Food Couple’s 5 best date night restaurants in Ridgewood

Enjoy a perfect date night in Ridgewood. Pexels

Enjoy a perfect date night in Ridgewood.

Ridgewood is one of those adorable towns in North Jersey. Whether looking for a family day out or a romantic evening, the main street is a perfect way to enjoy some down time. And, according to The Food Couple NJ, it’s also an awesome spot for a date night.

“Ridgewood has a variety of unique shops, restaurants, and cafes to try, and makes a beautiful setting to even just walk around with friends and family for a whole day of adventure,” the viral food bloggers told OMJ.

So, where are their top spots? The adorable duo broke down their five favorite romantic eateries in Ridgewood.

1. Park West Tavern

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This bar and restaurant is reasonably priced, but still has delicious and well prepared meals that look expensive. Outdoor seating is available though the inside is super romantic making it a goto spot all year round.

Must-Have Dish: 18 oz Cowboy Steak with watercress butter and hay stack fries for $44.

2. Sushi X

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All you can eat sushi for an amazing price. What more can you ask for? This is a great spot to explore you’re your date as there are so many options and varieties of sushi dishes. It’s good if you want to be adventurous and it’s great setting for one on one conversations.

Must-Have Dish: All you can eat sushi for $22.99 per person ($24.99 per person on weekends).

3. Cravings

Zeppole Tree w/ cotton candy, strawberries, and chocolate sauce

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If you’re in a pinch to find a great spot for a first date, The Food Couple says head here. There are so many small plates from different parts of the world so it can spark conversations on different food interests. It’s BYOB and outdoor seating is available. It’s on the pricey side but totally worth a try.

Must-Have Dish: The cotton candy zeppole tree with strawberries and warm chocolate for $10.

4. Fish

Come and enjoy a delicious brunch in this beautiful space. Every Sunday 10 am-2pm

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This spot is fairly new, but in a beautiful location: and old bank. The large open space features super tall ceilings and stunning chandeliers. It’s really a freat place to impress a lady on a date. The food is incredible, especially the seafood dishes. This is another pricey option but great for both the younger and older crowd.

Must-Have Dish: The Boardwalk platter, which features half of a poached lobster, two poached shrimp, three oysters and three clams for $49.


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Head here for a fun for a casual date. It’s mostly pizza, but it’s super delicious and who doesn’t like pizza?. The scene is made more for a younger “hipster” crowd and they designed it so you can hang out all night. This is a great place to go if you think the date might go well.

Must-Have Dish: The Tirolo pizza topped with ruffles of a smoked ham known as speck, herb cheese and crunchy hazelnuts for $18.