Watch: Two Jersey girls try the world’s hottest chili pepper with dramatic results

Two Jersey Girls attempted to eat the world's hottest chili. YouTube

Two Jersey Girls attempted to eat the world’s hottest chili.

Leave it to a Jersey Girl to take on a challenge no would dare try. Actually two Jersey girls. Sabrina Stewart, 22, and Lizzy Wurst, 18, attempted to eat the world’s hottest chili peppers and filmed the horrific results.

The adventurous duo consumed an entire Carolina Reaper pepper that boasts 2.2 million units on the Scoville heat scale, compared to 30,000 in the average red chili. After brief confident intro, the burning sensation hit them almost immediately after eating the spicy treat.

Lizzy couldn’t stop coughing while Sabrina was having trouble breathing. It only got worse from there. Both were writhing in agony as they tried to stop the burning sensation in a variety of ways. Both attempted to douse the pain with water and bread while crying and convulsing. Sabrina was much worse off and had trouble breathing eventually needing her inhaler and oxygen.

They finally got some relief about a half hour later after drinking some milk, but still dealt with the pain for another hour. “This was the worst idea ever,’ one of the girls says. ‘The burn will not go away.” Lizzy not only had stomach cramps, but was also left with blisters in her mouth and throat.

It seems many were interested in seeing the girls take on the challenge as it’s gotten over 1.4 million views on YouTube.