Albie Manzo opens up about dating and future plans: ‘I really want kids’

Albie Manzo joined Entertainment Tonight for a Facebook Live.Facebook

Albie Manzo joined Entertainment Tonight for a Facebook Live.

Albie Manzo has been making headlines recently for his incredible weight loss transformation, but he’s also prepping for the new seasons of Manzo’d With Children. He opened up to Entertainment Tonight on Facebook Live about the craziness of filming, his body and dating life.

“It’s the most fun year we’ve ever had” said Albie about the upcoming season, which premieres Sunday, September 11. “It has a more Housewives feel because we all went our own direction. We’re embracing who we are as individuals.”

Of course fans wanted to know about his incredible body though. One fan asked if he was working out with his mom Caroline Manzo. “Mom is working out with my trainer,” he revealed. “The training regimen that I was under was a catalyst for many things for me. I make a lot of personal improvements before I turn 30. Mom wants to follow suit.”

The other thing fans wanted to know about (especially now that he’s even more of a hottie) is his relationship status. “Do I feel the clock ticking? Yes,” said Albie. “The next time you see me with anybody it will be done.”

The reality star went one step further talking about his future family plans. “I really want kids,” he revealed. “I want to do it right. I want to do it once. And right now the dating world is a little nuts. I’m not on the apps.”