Caroline Manzo reveals the inspiration behind her son Albie Manzo’s body transformation

Caroline couldn't be more proud of her son's weight loss. Michael Loccisano/Getty

Caroline couldn’t be more proud of her son’s weight loss.

Caroline Manzo may be making headlines for her recent return to the gym after suffering a foot injury, but it’s her son Albie Manzo that’s getting a shout out from his mom. The Real Housewives of New Jersey first commended her son on his weight loss in an Instagram post in May and now is revealing the inspiration behind his transformation.

“He’s always been that way, and since he’s turned 30, he’s kind of had an epiphany on where his life is going and what he wants from it kind of thing,” Caroline told The Daily Dish. “He’s had a lot of big changes in his life, and that’s part of it. It’s something he’s passionate about.”

I can not put into words how appreciative I am that @rodrickcovington and the @corerhythmfitness team have been a part of my life. I put up a pic a while back of a letter I wrote to myself. It was a conversation w Rodrick that made me write that letter and brought me to realize that the only way to truly get what you want in this world is to take responsibility for yourself and put the work in. The guy on the left was who I saw in the mirror that day, the guy on the right was who was pushing the pen. I am delighted to say they are two very different people 😊. #NotHereToTakePart #HereToTakeOver #WeAreNotDone PS: Rodrick listen man I had to throw a filter on this thing. I was pale and you threw this photo at me out of nowhere, ok. I would have been prepared. Also, @laurenmanzo if I come in for a spray tan I would like "perpetua". #Repost @rodrickcovington with @repostapp ・・・ Transformation Thursday!!!! When making art it's about the journey more than the outcome. Commit to the journey and the results will come. ALBIE is one of the most committed human beings I've met! 2 months is a short commitment to change your life. You're worth the commitment! #commitment #trustyourcore #corerhythmfitness #love #shredded #manzofamily #albiemanzo #inspiration #nofilter

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The 30-year-old started a new workout routine with Rodrick Covington of Core Rhythm Fitness, and the results are clearly visible. He now boasts a six-pack. “I applaud his regimentation thought process because this kid does not sway from it,” she said. “I just started the same [workout] he’s on a couple weeks ago, and I don’t know how the kid does it. He’s been doing it for a while, and he looks amazing, and it’s great.”

Albie has been open about the process. The Manzo’d with Children took to Instagram to share a hilarious story about a grilled cheese craving. He decided to buy light bread, but unfortunately his plan was foiled when he ended up eating two sandwiches. Clearly his minor slip up is not hurting his physique.