The 5 best coffee shops in Bergen County

Why settle for Starbucks when there are tons of cute coffee shops!Pexels

Why settle for Starbucks when there are tons of cute coffee shops!

New York City isn’t the only place filled with cute independent coffee shops. New Jersey is home to tons of mom-and-pop shops that serve up an excellent cup of brew with a side of charming atmosphere.

So, for your next jolt of java head to one of these adorable and delicious coffee shops in Bergen County.

1. Kudo Society Downtown Cafe in Palisades Park

Croissant waffle ????????

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It’s all about the details at this spot. They serve fair trade and organic coffee, we grind and brew it fresh every two hours and use frozen coffee cubes instead of ice cubes so your drink doesn’t get watered down. Along with their tasty Joe, they also serve homemade grub like the one and only Kudossant, a unique waffle and croissant combination.

Must-Try Drink: The Kudoccino is an excellent choice for frapp lovers ($5).


2. Sogno Coffee House in Westwood

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This family-run business picks up their raw coffee beans at the port and roasts them in our custom-built roaster making for a truly unique cup of coffee. They serve up their roast in all the traditional ways from a cup of black to a latte. And just as they’re known for their brew, so too are they famous for their crepe selection. They make everything from sweet to savory crepe concotions and even have one called The Jersey Shore with Taylor ham, egg and a choice of cheese.

Must-Try Drink: The Fit Frappe Protein Drink is for those who are health conscious as it only has 130 calories, less than 1g of sugar, 20g protein, 5g of carbs, 3.5g of fat,  and 5g of fiber ($3).

3. Koffeewagon Roasters in Hasbrouck Heights

Talk about made to order! This spot features gourmet coffees and teas hand brewed at the time of your order. They also have cold brew on tap at their rustically chic shop. You can even take home a bottle of coffee yourself to enjoy long after you leave the store.

Must-Try Drink: The all-natural fruit infused “kold brew” is a unique flavor that you have to try ($3.75).

4. American Bulldog Coffee Roasters in Ridgewood

Come sit next to the fire

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We already know Ridgewood is a great spot for a date night, but it’s also home to a sweet coffee shop that’s good for the morning after the date. Everything here is about being health conscious. All the coffee is roasted by the owners at their Chestnut Ridge location to insure the highest quality possible and they make all the food in their kitchen and provide a wide assortment of gluten free baked goods. They even source their milk from local dairy farmers.

Must-Try Drink: Go for a standard cup of coffee here, it’s that tasty.

5. The Coffee Barn in Edgewater

Come for a cup of coffee and stay the day. That’s the motto of folks here. They make excellent coffee all day and provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you never have to leave. The décor makes it easy to work by yourself or spend time chatting with friends at on of the long tables.

Must-Try Drink: The talented baristas can serve up green tea latte with the image of a bear in it. How cute!