How JWoww and Roger picked their kids’ unusual names

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Reality TV star Jenni “JWoww” Farley and her husband Roger Mathews didn’t just go with common names for their children, the kind they had. They were likely one of several kids with the same name in any classroom, something that, as a Rachel, I can tell you got a bit annoying when I was growing up, so I applaud them for going a slightly unusual route and choosing names that are a bit out of the ordinary and have wonderful stories behind them.

Big Pun and the Terror Squad.

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Like Jenni, I too love hearing about the behind the scenes scoop on baby names, because they give insight into the thought process of the parents, their values and their hopes and dreams for their children. After all, you have to pick one word to encapsulate your child’s personality and future before you’ve even met them; no pressure, right? As Jenni revealed in a recent blog post, her first child, daughter Meilani Alexandra Mathews, 2, got her name in a very Hollywood way.

Jenni wrote, “I did a show called Stars in Danger and was sooo excited when I found out my partner was Bethany Hamilton. I’ve been such a fan of her ever since I heard the story about her losing her arm to a shark attack and overcoming that difficulty to get back to surfing. When we were filming the show I was so inspired by her because she just glowed with positivity and happiness.” Once she found out that Bethany’s middle name was Meilani, she was hooked. “I became obsessed instantly and I wrote it down. I knew I’d name my daughter that one day in the hope that she’d grow up loving life as much as Bethany!” How sweet is that?


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Hear a little more from JWoww about doing the show, which featured a diving competition, and the special role Bethany played in her decision:

As for adorable baby Greyson Valor Mathews, who will turn four months old on September 5, Jenni says his moniker is pop culture inspired. “Greyson is named after a comic book character I’m obsessed with. Dick Grayson started out as Robin, then became Nightwing, and is now the crazy bad ass Grayson…I always said that if Roger and I have a son, he would look like him and be as tough as him haha.”

But why they chose Greyson’s middle name made me tear up a little: “His middle name Valor is a word that means great courage in the face of danger, and that’s something Roger and I are all about. Honor and courage are very important traits in our family, and we hope his middle name will serve a reminder for him his entire life.” So sweet!

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