Carbtastic! The 5 best fresh bread spots in Hudson County

Try one of these bakeries for mouthwatering bread. Pexels

Try one of these bakeries for mouthwatering bread.

We’re told time and time again that carbs are the devil, but we think they’re simply da bomb. And since New Jersey is known for their top-notch bakeries, we live in just the right place in indulge in a little dough.

Here are the best spots in Hudson County to get, warm and delicious homemade bread.

 1. Hudson Bread in North Bergen

This place is more than just a bakery. They bake their bread each day making it perfectly soft and delicious. They also have salads and smoothies to dazzle your taste buds. Go in the morning if you can because all the breads will be extra warm!

What To Buy: Make sure to try the artisan bread along with the baguettes with olives and another baguette with raisins/walnuts.

2. Second Street Bakery in Jersey City

Hands down the best food in all of Jersey City. #jceats #jerseycitymakeityours

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It’s not just about coming here to pick up your loaf of bread for the week. This old school Italian deli whips up delicious sandwiches and stuffed breads all made onsite in a coal-fired oven.

What To Buy: One of the most popular sandwiches is the Sausage Bread sandwich, which is huge, heavy, and delicious. It’s made up of prosciuttini, salami, mozzarella, and roasted peppers. The chicken cutlet hero is also super tasty.

3. Dom’s Bakery Grand in Hoboken

Want a side of bread with that pizza? We don’t judge! Luckily, this spot has the best of both when it comes to their homemade baking.

What To Buy: There is a selection of about five or six types of bread, including the wonderful tomato focaccia (a must get), onion and olive loaves, and garlic bread sticks.

4. Salem & Sons Bakery in Union City

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Need a 2am bread run? This bakery has you covered. They’re open 24/7 and sell fresh bread, pastries, and even empanadas.

What To Buy: The Portuguese rolls are a favorite and make sure to get the whole-wheat croissants too.

5. Altamura Bakery in Bayonne

Altamura Bakery in Bayonne is pure perfection. Yelp

Altamura Bakery in Bayonne is pure perfection.

It’s bread paradise here! Try the focaccia, the French breads, and the bastones. They also sell their own dough if you want to make your own homemade pizza! As one fan put it, “You can walk in blindfolded, point at anything, and it’s gonna be great. They know bread.

What To Buy: Pick up the semolina as it is difficult to find anywhere else.