McDonald’s opens new high-tech concept restaurant in Bergenfield

McDonald's is testing a new concept right here in New

McDonald’s is testing a new concept right here in New Jersey.

Moms typically avoid fast food restaurants whenever possible, but with McDonald’s new concept store you may reconsider. In an attempt to keep up with places like Smashburger, Shake Shack and Habit Burger, the famous fast food company is trying a tech-savy service offering with more food options and opened one spot right here in Bergenfield.

Not only are you greeted by a ‘concierge’ who explains the large touch screen menus, but also get to choose between more than ketchup and mustard. Customers can select from dozens of different toppings and sauces, including gourmet options such as maple-flavored bacon, jalapeno peppers, or chili lime tortilla strip. You can even customize your own burger rather than simply choosing combo meal number one.

The chain first tested the new concept in the United Kingdom, the European continent, California, Florida and New York last year, and tried a version in Hong Kong where quinoa and asparagus were on the menu.


“Based on the early test results we’ve seen so far, it seems we’re in the right direction,” said Mwaffak Kanjee, vice president and general manager of McDonald’s New York metro region, which includes New Jersey. “This is what the consumer really wants.”

Clearly Garden Staters agree. “I’ve been living here,” said franchise owner Brian Hairston about his booming business. “The community has really embraced this new location.”

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