7 fashion trends from MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ we’ll never get over

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The cast of Jersey Shore has certainly come a long way since their days at the Shore house. Jenni “JWoww” Farley recently looked back on some of her favorite moments from the show, so we decided to do a little reflecting ourselves! As the mom of two rightfully said, the Jersey Shore era was truly the best of times and the worst of times. (And by that, we mostly mean it was the best parties and the worst spray tans. But we have grown since then).

Here are seven Jersey Shore era styles that we will never get over.

1. Fluffy slippers

Snooki’s various slippers should have had their own spinoff show. Seriously, her slipper collection is iconic.

2. Wearing a belt with literally everything

Outfit feeling plain? Just strap a thick belt around your waist and voila, you’re ready for the club.

3. Spray painted hats from the Shore Store

You know there’s one hanging from one of the posts of your bed in your childhood bedroom. Bonus points if you and your best friend had matching trucker hats with your names on them!

4. Giant hoop earrings

These were great until you had to remove them to engage in a girl fight.

5. Off the shoulder tops

No, we’re not talking about the cold shoulder trend we’ve been rocking all summer. We’re talking about the oversized neon tops you wore with a pencil skirt. These were really great, because you always had a quick “80s dancer” costume ready in the event of a last minute themed party.

6. Anything animal print

Seriously, anything animal print at this time went. We’re still down for a touch of leopard print here and there, but you probably won’t find us in a zebra miniskirt anytime soon.

7. Bodycon dresses with bra tops

The best part about buying one of these bad boys during one of your rapid shopping sprees through Forever 21 before a night out, was the fact that you didn’t even have to worry about which neon Victoria’s Secret PINK bra to wear, because the dress already had a bedazzled one built into it for you!

What was your favorite Jersey Shore fashion. Ed Hardy tops? True Religion jeans? Let us know by tweeting @omjfeed!