The 10 London Fashion Week style stars every Jersey girl should have on her radar

The best thing about Fashion Week is the fact that it happens around the world! There’s nothing like drawing inspiration for your next look from different cultures and backgrounds. OMJ discovered new ways to adapt athleisure looks into our wardrobe during NYFW and now that London Fashion Week is coming to a close, we’re sharing the latest trends from some of the most stylish street style stars spotted and living in the UK.

Get ready to clear some room in your closet and on your credit card, because you’ll definitely love all the looks these ladies are serving. Here’s our top 10 list of bloggers to keep tabs on below:

Toula Rose
This London-based fashion blogger offers fun tips and tricks to spice up your wardrobe with affordable pieces and even gives advice on how to break into the fashion blogging business.

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Maja Malnar
Born in Slovenia and currently based in London, Maja looks to inspire her readers using different outlets and personal experiences, like overcoming her battle with anorexia. She specializes in fashion, travel, health and beauty.

Last day in London, all black with @pinkoofficial 👯💥 #ootd #mypinkoexperience by @rebeccabotin

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Marta Carriedo
Although her Latina roots are grounded in Spain, her current stomping ground is London. She’s a true go-getter, who started her own fashion and media company. She now invites viewers in her life as she talks about daily style, travel, lifestyle vlogs and more.

Camila Carril
Camila was born in the heart of Brazil, who’s been living a fabulous life in London since she was 17. She covers all things ranging from popular trends and daily looks to food and travel.

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Est Are
If you’re ever looking for hair and fashion inspiration, then Est is the one to watch! Her YouTube channel is filled with a variety of videos ranging from hauls to DIY wig-making instructions.

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Doina Ciobanu
Doina is a London-based model, so it’s no wonder she has a unique eye for fashion!

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Paola Alberdi
Mixing the best of both worlds with style and travel, Paola does it best! Her passport is full and her closet is awesome! She shows viewers how to dress in any weather, while also teaching us the different cultural recipes she’s learned during each country visit.

Xenia Van Der Woodsen
Xenia is a German beauty specializing in slaying, traveling and finance. You’ll catch her at all the major fashion shows around the world.

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Patricia Bright
This London native loves bright colors, which only matches her even brighter personality. She offers viewers tips on style, beauty and lifestyle. She recently let viewers into her new journey as a mother to a beautiful and stylish baby girl…watch out Chanel Nicole!

Jessica Kahawaty
Beauty and brains, this fashionista specializes in fun fashion finds and human rights law.She’s also the host of Project Runway Middle East, so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about putting a great outfit together.

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