The return of Kim D, ski crashes, and Jacqueline vs Robyn: 5 best moments from ‘RHONJ’ Season 7, Ep. 11

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 7Tommy Garcia/Bravo

How crazy was this week’s episodes of Real Housewives of New Jersey!? I mean, was that fight between Teresa Giudice‘s friend Robyn Levy and Jacqueline Laurita kind of epic, or what!? And our old friend Kim Depaola is back and is stirring the drama like no other, as per usual. But I think the most shocking moment was finding out that Teresa and Chris Laurita dated! From the return of Kim D, to ski crashes and Robyn vs Jacqueline, here are our top five favorite moments from last night’s episode. (Warning: spoilers ahead! Bookmark this for later if you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode yet.)

1. Finally, the return of Kim D!  We’ve been waiting all season for our favorite drama-stirrer to show up. Oh did she certainly deliver or what!? We heard some juicy gossip involving Envy by Melissa Gorga store manager Derek Zagami, who announced on Instagram he was leaving the store just 2 days before the episode aired. Coincidence, or?! P.S. we are loving the new Posche digs.


2. Discovering that Teresa and Chris Laurita dated! Well, it was only one date and Chris says she talked about Juicy Joe the whole time, but still!


3. Jacqueline vs Robyn at the fire pit. Wowwwww. What a fight huh? “Rage on your f**king a**.” That’s definitely the line of the episode. Can’t wait ’til next week for the drama to continue.


5. Milania making the perfect pancake. Who knew she had skills in the kitchen just like her mama. And that moment between her and Juicy was adorable.


5. The gang attempting to ski. They clearly aren’t snow bunnies (especially Joe Gorga!). At least their outfits were on point.