5 reasons why Hoboken’s Oktoberfest is one of the greatest things about fall in NJ


New Jersey is home to some of the best fall festivities. From pumpkin picking to street fairs, there are exciting events lined up right until the moment it’s too cold to step outside. One of the best fall events is Oktoberfest in Hoboken, which is basically just as good as the real one in Germany. Here’s why:

1. It was a very Instagram-worthy event.
A regular beer might not always be Instagram-worthy, but a 32 ounce beer from Pilsner Haus and Biergarten doesn’t even need a filter.

Beer coma. Happy Oktoberfest 🍺

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2. It was the beginning of fall drafts at the Madison Bar and Grill.
We’ll make a (fall foliage-colored) toast to that!

3. There were $5 drafts at Pier 13…
…but don’t be upset if you missed it because they’ll be around for the rest of the season.

4. There was traditional polka music.
How often do you get to listen to traditional polka music while eating bratwurst and drinking beer in New Jersey? Probably just during Oktoberfest.

#Oktoberfest2016 at The #Biergarten 🇩🇪🍻 #Live #Music #Polka #Oktoberfest

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5. It was the perfect excuse to pull that beer maiden costume out of the back of your closet.
Sure, the Spirit Halloween store in your hometown has probably already opened, but we’re still pretty far away from Halloween. Oktoberfest is the best time to wear a costume.

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