Heather and Terry Dubrow: three secrets to our long marriage (17 years and counting!)

OMJ's Kelly Dillon with Terry and Heather DubrowKelly Dillon/OMJ

OMJ’s Kelly Dillon with Terry and Heather Dubrow

Real Housewives of Orange County’s Heather Dubrow and Botched star Terry Dubrow were greeted by hundreds of fans at Bookends in Ridgewood recently as they signed copies of their new book, Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig. The husband and wife duo are sharing their expertise to tell us which anti-aging products and treatments really do work, and which ones don’t. After spending over 2 hours meeting their adoring fans at the September 9th event, I had a chance to chat with the reality television stars about how they keep the spark alive after 17 years of marriage, what beauty products really do work, and Heather reveals her favorite places to shop (Hint: It’s totally affordable and will most certainly surprise you).

Heather and Terry did the hard work for us, by testing and trying out almost every anti-aging product and treatment out there, and providing us with their detailed results in their first book together. Heather tells me, “This book is designed to help you determine what will work for you, what’s the best thing, what’s the worst thing. Even the great stuff may not work for you, so we’re telling you how to figure out what will work best for you in your particular situation, and hopefully you can avoid surgery forever.”

Terry, being a plastic surgeon, is very skeptical of products touting age-reversing magic.  He is a more evidence, science-based person who believes nothing works, where as Heather wants to believe everything works. This perfect dichotomy is what makes Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig work so well.

“He needs scientific proof, irrefutable proof that something does or doesn’t work,” Heather tells me. “I think like a lot of women, I want to believe that everything could possibly, maybe work, hope-in-a-jar.”

Heather, who began her career as an actress back in 1994, also dishes her best makeup and hair tips. She tells me, “In Hollywood we have a lot of tricks that people use, that really make you look younger, that people outside of Hollywood don’t know about . So we wanted to give you those kinds of tips so you can look and feel younger.”

Heather and Terry also have their own beauty product line they sell on Evine Live called Consult Beaute. The spent the past 17 years developing the innovative combination of time-fighting topical products and ingestible supplements to help support healthy skin, hair and nails. So naturally, I had to ask the 47-year-old what products she swears by, because let me tell you, her skin was absolutely flawless in person. Besides a little champs, the mom-of-four tells me less is more for her.

“I like very simple cosmetics. I have very sensitive skin, so I have to be very careful with what I use on my skin,” she says. “But one product I think is unbelievable is this new technology in retinol products, because I could never use any Retin-a or anything, because it really inflames you. It’s also really expensive. But the new technology of retinol is encapsulated.”

In addition to the new book and beauty line, as well as shooting RHOC, Heather also hosts her own podcast show called Heather’s World, and appears on Botched: Post Op (the Botched after show) alongside Terry and his costar Dr. Paul Nassif. She is also a mom-of-four — daughters Maximillia, Katarina, and Collette, and son Nicholas. I’m sure you have to wondering how she juggles it all. Well, Heather tells me it’s not easy, and she doesn’t always do it well, but she does her best.

“Its all about balance. It was hard for me a few years ago because I went from a full-time working person and being an actress, to a full time stay-at-home mom with first two, then three, then four little kids,” she says. “Transitioning back into the working world was also difficult and unbalanced for a few years. But now I feel like I have that right balance. They’re in school full-time, all four of them. I will drop my kids off at school, I will go do my podcast, and I will be back in time to pick them up from school.”

Between their busy careers and four children, one has to wonder how this power-couple keeps the spark alive after 17 years of marriage. Terry tells me they have three rules they abide by.

“We try to treat each other like we’re still dating, number one. Number two, we stay as fit as possible so we feel as good about ourselves as we possibly can,” he says. “And then we schedule time together that’s, this may sound crazy and programmed, that’s scheduled for romance. you just have to do it.”

Heather is arguably one of the best-dressed ladies on RHOC. How divine is the Alice and Olivia leather skirt she is rocking at the signing?! (Fun fact: Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita wore the same skirt to the Season 7 premiere party). With her lavish lifestyle, you’d think Heather would only wear designer duds, but as I learned, that’s certainly not the case. The Westchester County native, who says she prefers shopping online, is certainly obsessed with Chanel, but also loves Zara and J. Crew!

“I like to get things to the house, and try it on in the privacy of my home, so I shop a lot at Intermix. They carry such a wide variety of prices and brands. I also love Zara. You really don’t need a lot of money to looks fabulous. J. Crew has the most incredible accessories collections now. Of course I love Chanel.”

Since these OC superstars were on Real Housewives of New Jersey turf, I had to find out if there is a RHONJ cast member that Heather would like to see join the OC ladies?  She tells me, “You know what, I don’t know them, but I’ve met Melissa. She seems really sweet, and I know her hair dresser, and he says she’s fabulous, so its Melissa.” Melissa Gorga it is!

Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig is available in stores and online now.