Dina Manzo wants YOU to star in her new Glow campaign!

Dina Manzowants you to be a part of her new campaign. Getty Images

Dina Manzo wants you to be a part of her new campaign.

Leave it to a former Real Housewife to make your modeling dreams come true! Dina Manzo may no longer be on TV, but she’s all about helping to make other camera ready. That’s why she started her own skincare line called Glow By Dina and is now hoping you will model for her.

The reality star took to Instagram to ask fans to share their stories about using her skincare products to have a chance at appearing in her campaign. “Calling all Glow girls! (& boys),” she wrote.  “We LOVE hearing your stories, emails & posts on how @glowbydina has changed the way you feel about yourself & your skin. Now we want to feature YOU in an upcoming Glow campaign.”

To have a shot, Dina asks for you to email your glow pic and proof of glow purchase to info@glowbydina. “I’m so proud to be a part of this affordable, conscious glow movement and you will be too,” she added. “So c’mon, what are you waiting for? Get glowing! #nontoxic #affordable #skincare.”

Not only did the lifestyle expert start campaign in which you can star, but also revealed she actually doesn’t like having her picture taken. “Fun fact. I HATE taking pics,” she wrote in the post. “But I know it’s part of my job.” That’s why she’s calling on fans to help her out. So, hey why not?