PHOTOS: Meet the cutest labradoodles of Hoboken

Labrador and poodle parents of labradoodlesYOAV LEMMER/AFP/Getty Images

Labrador and poodle parents of labradoodles

You know the saying “blondes have more fun?” We have a feeling the same applies to labradoodle dogs, who are a cross between a Labrador and a poodle, after seeing these adorable dogs romping all over Hoboken, New Jersey. They look like they’re having the time of their lives, playing with other doggies, cuddling up with infants, going for walks and seeing the sights. It was hard to choose amongst so much doggie adorableness, but we’ve found the pups we think are the cutest labradoodles of Hoboken on Instagram. With all the city has been through this week, it deserves a dose of its own doggie cuteness. Get ready to want to adopt your own!

One part dog, one part teddy 🐶❤️ We just love him so much! #labradoodle #puppylife #teddybear

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Alright, I guess we can keep him.

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