Elizabeth Gilbert on going public about relationship with female best friend: ‘All I’m doing is telling the truth’

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Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert, who lives in Frenchtown, became famous with her story of going to the Indonesian island Bali, finding enlightment and meeting the many she’d go on to marry, Jose Nunes (called Felipe in the book).

With Ms. Julia, at the EAT PRAY LOVE premiere in London, six years ago today… #eatpraylove #tbt

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Though their love story was turned into the popular 2010 movie of the same name starring Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem, recently Gilbert made two surprising announcements to her fans: she and Jose had separated, and she was now in love with her female best friend, fellow writer Rayya Elias.

Six years ago today: In the limo on the way to the EAT PRAY LOVE premiere in London, with Rayya… #eatpraylove #tbt

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Gilbert, who celebrate the paperback release of her book on creativity, Big Magic, this week, said in a Facebook Live video that she understands why people might be considered about her recent choice. After all, her blockbuster bestseller chronicled the end of her first marriage. “Now I’ve just left another marriage, it’s starting to look irresponsible and people are saying I’m having a midlife crisis, and ‘What is she doing?” But from Gilbert’s point of view, what she’s doing now isn’t actually so different from the journey she went on all those years ago that was such an inspiration to thousands of women; she was following her heart. Gilbert went on to say, “All I’m doing is telling the truth, again, and again, and again. In a way that says, ‘This isn’t working for me, I have to do this now.'”

From the photos Gilbert has shared of herself this week, we think it’s safe to say her new relationship status has been nothing but positive for her state of mind. Yes, she was sharing her excitement over her paperback book release, but clearly she’s also happy in general and wants to share her joy.

While we don’t know if this text exchange about looking for delicious donuts is with her new love, Rayya, if it is, they are definitely the type of couple we can relate to!

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Gilbert, who was named one of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 honorees, often shares inspirational quotes of hers on social media, the kind that make us sure that she’s been through some tough times but has come out ahead. We wish her and Rayya nothing but happiness!

BIG MAGIC comes out in paperback TOMORROW, beloveds! #bigmagic #creativity #bebrave #onward

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