PHOTOS: The cutest Chihuahuas in Bergen County

Trabant Enthusiasts Gather In ZwickauPhoto by Matthias Rietschel/Getty Images

Chihuahuas, the adorable dogs named after the Mexican region Chihuahua, are pretty much ultra cute by definition. What’s not to love about these sweet pups made famous by Paris Hilton and Taco Bell? Fun fact: the fast food chain’s famous advertising mascot was named Gidget. In Bergen County alone, there are plenty of dog owners with some of the cutest chihuahuas around. We’ve gathered up our favorites below.

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This chihuahua proves once and for all that dogs and cats can be friends (as long as they aren’t jostling for space):

Lazy Sunday! #Paco #Nala #sundaygroove #thepuppyandthekitty #kitty #chihuahua

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And look at adorable Pennie jumping up and down after a beloved doggie toy:

If you need a smile, there really is nothing cuter than this chihuahua getting its teeth brushed.

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