PHOTOS: The cutest Chihuahuas of Hoboken

Newborn Chihuahua Is One Of The World's Smallest PuppiesPhoto by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

You already know that we at OMJ love animals, from New Jersey labradoodles to celebrity pets like Spartacus and Maximus, the bulldogs owned by Ice-T and Coco. We also love that certain cities are especially welcoming to specific breeds, who seem to pop up frequently around town. We’ve gathered the cutest Chihuahuas of Hoboken to bring a smile to your day. And if you’d like to see your own Garden State pet share the spotlight, tag us @omjfeed on Instagram or Twitter and to share the love!

This adorable chihuahua and French bulldog are battling it out to see who’s the most dominant personality:

Batman and Robin…but they both want to be Batman #margaretwalksmydog #chihuahua #frenchbulldog #dogsofhoboken #imbatman

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This chihuahua/maltese mix, Meli, has melted our hearts:

So has this chihuahua and shih tzu mix:

This doggie doesn’t mind being spoiled, and why should she?

Pet owners, you’ll have to up your Halloween game after seeing this chihuahua, who won third place in a costume contest for her Minnie Mouse look at Liberty Human Society’s fundraiser Bark in the Park at Stevens Park on Saturday! Have you ever seen anything cuter in your life?

💋 #barkinthepark #minniemouse #costumecontest #halloween #disney

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