Luke’s Diner came to Jersey City and it was everything your inner Gilmore Girl could have dreamed for

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To celebrate the 16th anniversary of the first episode of Gilmore Girls and the release of the show’s four-part reboot, Netflix converted 200 coffee shops across the country into Luke’s Diners. Jersey City’s own Short Grain was one of the participating locations and offered free coffee (courtesy of everyone’s favorite streaming service) to the first 200 customers. Unsurprisingly, the event was as picture perfect as Stars Hollow itself.

Each cup featured one of Lorelai Gilmore’s most famous quotes from the first season.

(Although, we’re having trouble thinking of something to be cynical about when free coffee is involved.)

Thanks for the free Luke's coffee #netflix #coffecoffeecoffee #gilmoregirls #happybirthdaygilmore

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Actually, Short Grain might have even been better than the real Luke’s Diner, as Luke Danes would probably complain if you asked him to slice up strawberries for your pancakes.

While the promotion gave fans a moment to feel like they were truly a Gilmore Girl, it unfortunately ended when the cup of coffee did.

confused because i'm still not rory gilmore #happybirthdaygilmore ☕️☕️☕️

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How adorable are these friends on a coffee date?

This fan stood in line for an hour, but the photo makes it all worthwhile.

Others were excited to stumble across the surprise.

We wish Luke’s could stay forever!