Bruce Springsteen says he’s nothing like his on-stage persona: ‘Man, I wish I could be that guy’

Bruce Springsteen releases the forward to his new book.

Bruce Springsteen releases the forward to his new book.

Bruce Springsteen’s new autobiography titled “Born to Run” has been a smash hit since being released on September 27 (and just landed at the top of the New York Times’ Best Sellers list). Fans now get a glimpse into The Boss’ relationships, childhood and what it was like living on the road. If that wasn’t enough, he’s opening up even more this time to NPR about his stage persona and love of New Jersey.

The rock star made Asbury Park his home for a while and wrote some of his biggest hits at the shore town, but it wasn’t necessarily his intention. “I didn’t move to Asbury with the thought of — it wasn’t an anthropological reason,” he said in the interview. “But, I went and I just fit in there. Asbury was down on its luck, but not as bad as it would get. And so there was a lot of room to move, you know, clubs were open until 5 a.m., there were gay clubs, in even the late ’60s, it was a bit of an open city.”

Bruce Springsteen and the East Street Band performed the first of three shows in the next week at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford.Ed Murray | NJ Advance Media for

He went on to talk about how this image of a macho man portrayed to the public actually developed out of his relationship with his dad. “I think plenty of folks, if you just looked at the outside, it’s pretty alpha-male,” he noted. “Which is a little ironic, because that was personally never exactly really me. I think I created my particular stage persona out of my dad’s life and perhaps I even built it to suit him to some degree.”

In fact, Bruce revealed his stage persona is nothing like him in reality. “People see you on stage and, yeah, I’d want to be that guy,” he said. “I want to be that guy myself very often, you know? I had plenty of days where I’d go, ‘Man, I wish I could be that guy.’ And there’s a big difference between what you see on stage and then my general daily, my daily existence.”