This Newark blogger was handpicked by Spike Lee for his new Netflix show

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It was only a matter of time before Christina “ChrisMiss” Bright got her big break. We’ve been following this beauty’s traces for quite some time now, and always knew she was bound for fame. She knew too, and that’s what makes her so special. After countless auditions and various creative projects, the Newark native is headed for your TV screen.

MANIFESTATION IS REAL| Born to teenage parents …a mother at 21 …A DV survivor …I haven't worked for anyone for almost 3 years. I chose to be myself and nothing less. I didn't always have the support of all the people I expected it from. I stopped looking for that support from other people and learned how to be there for myself. I've cried …had lights off …eviction notices …lock out papers on my door…but I believe always . I believe I can be whoever I want to be and do whatever I want to do. I'm not movie star…..yet. But this shit right here….man. Spike , you've been the man …and you've worked with the greatest before they were the greatest. Thank you for choosing me…for calling my phone …for sharing laughter and laughing at me like I'm crazy ..because I am ???? …and giving me the biggest hug and kiss when we were done shooting. Confirmation and validation from a legend is priceless. Thank you. My advice to anyone with a dream ….believe that shit …and DO that shit. #shesgottahaveit #fromNEWARKtoNETFLIX ( I'm NOT NOLA y'all !!)

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After attending a recent casting call on a whim, Christina, who calls herself an “inner-beauty blogger” and has been known to Snapchat from her shower, was chosen amongst 3,600 other people to audition for an upcoming Netflix series titled She’s Gotta Have It. Oh, the irony. The combination of Christina’s spirited drive and colorful personality is no force to be reckoned with.

SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT | Because every time I muster up the courage to walk through a door …it swings right open. #NolaDarling

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The 28-year-old fashionista and mother of one not only received a call back, Spike Lee pulled her of the crowd and asked her to come audition for the casting director of the show and himself. Ummm, how cool is she?

What does faith look like ? Where does it get you? Here's a story about a little girl from Newark …who decided to stop being afraid of her magic …who decided to stop dimming her light for people who couldn't handle it …and just went for it. I chose struggle and finding myself over being comfortable yet losing who I really was. Last week one of my followers DM'd a flyer to Spike's Open Casting Call. I got there super LATE because of mommy duties late anyone would've seen that line and walked away but I stayed positive and optimistic and sure enough with some divine intervention …not only did I get in …but the man himself pulled me out of the crowd …and asked me for my name and number. The next morning he called me himself and asked me to come audition ???? …the next day I auditioned for the casting director in TriBeCa and before I made it back to Newark they called me and said Spike wanted me to come back that same day and audition for him. ????Me …in a little as room , auditioning for SPIKE MUTHAFUCK'N LEE…. like yo ….I couldn't believe it. I sat in a smart car with my cousin @airikprince for 4 hrs on some random corner in SoHo as he helped me rehearse. The next day I looked at the clock and waited for my phone to ring for hours…..I tried staying cool …but after 4pm I started giving myself the …"at least you made it this far speech"…regardless I was grateful to be in the presence of a legend. @brandingdavis stayed on the phone with me for hours that day just listening to me breathe because I couldn't be alone …he was like "I don't even know why you're worried got it" and at 4:30 I got the call to be at the studio ready to shoot at 7am@the next day. ???????????????????? …3,600 people went to that casting …he chose 700….and out of those ….20 people were chosen to come back for this sequence ….4 were women …and 1 of those women was me. Listen …I ALWAYS believed that anything was possible. But now I KNOW. Shoutout to everyone who supports me and believes in me…shoutout to my PEOPLE who encourage me …who I call when I need a pick me up ..or who I call the second I get good news….. #ShesGottaHaveIt (I do ????????) #FromNewarktoNetflix

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The best part? She landed the role, duh. We couldn’t be more proud of this Jersey girl. According to IMDB, She’s Gotta Have It will air sometime in 2017.

AUDITION DAY |These were the moments before my audition on Wednesday. It was such a BEAUTIFUL day. I felt an incredible sense of calmness ..almost as if what I was walking into was for me and I just had to go get it. All of this is so exciting. I've been putting in the work…primarily the work on myself. I had to let go of a lot of bullshit to have the bandwidth to acknowledge what is meant for me. It feels good to get this kind of confirmation. I was so proud of myself for being right here in this moment…I felt so much love and gratitude. Everything felt perfect. I hadn't a single regret because I know everything got me here. I'll never forget this day. I talk a lot about MANIFESTATION ….so here's a peek into how I go about manifesting the things I want in my life. It's a vibe. #ShesGottaHaveIt #fromNEWARKtoNETFLIX

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