Want legs like a Rockette? Meet the dancers behind Jane DO fitness

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Okay, so maybe you’ll never have stems like the world famous Rockettes, but you can definitely work out like them, resulting in super lean and toned legs. So what is it that gets these dancing ladies in shape for their seasonal spectacular? Fitness of course, but specifically total body workouts. Fortunately, former Rockettes Jacey Lambros and Danielle DeAngelo have opened Jane DO studios (formerly known as Sports Barre) in Jersey City and Edgewater so us basic girls to can have great legs too.

According to their website, the dancers behind Jane DO have created a total body workout that gives the strength of an athlete with the body of a dancer. One client wrote in her 5-star Yelp review: “Before Jane DO, I didn’t workout. I did not consider myself to be “athletic” at all and had a hard time getting to the gym. I couldn’t commit to a workout that worked for me. I couldn’t find a workout and a gym truly made me happy. Jane DO has not only changed the way I workout, (now sweating with fellow “Janes” nearly 6 days a week), the entire team at this studio has helped to change the way I live my life, the way I see myself in the mirror and the way that I feel, both physically and mentally.”

The studios offer two different barre classes, a trampoline class called Tramp Stamp and a cardio class called Dance Your A** Off that we can’t wait to try. Plus their signature leggings with a super cute crown insignia (because we are all the queen of our workouts) are a must have.

Jersey City, Edgewater
 Toning legs
Website: www.janedo.com