The kale bagel is the new power breakfast

Kale Bagel and Pumpkin Spice Coffee

No, this is not an early St. Patrick’s Day bagel. The kale trend seems to be at an all time high. Now you can have a kale bagel along with your green smoothie in the morning. Eli’s Corner Gourmet Bagel shop in Montville is offering kale bagels to go along with your pumpkin spice coffee.

The kale bagel is more than just your average green colored bagel. It tastes almost like a version of vegetable cream cheese in a bagel form. In short, it has a unique flavor. Definitely a step up from a plain or whole wheat bagel. So the big question is, if it has kale in it can I eat it everyday?

Eli’s offers many different spreads and sandwich options. Along with a wide variety of bagel flavors, the french toast bagel wasn’t half bad ether! Make sure to try the pumpkin spice coffee, maybe make it a large and thank me later!

For more information about Eli’s corner Gourmet Bagel visit their Facebook page: Eli’s Corner Gourmet Bagel.

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