This fan’s touching thank you letter to Bruce Springsteen is a must read

Tom and Kelley with their daughter Juniper.Courtesy of Kelley French

Tom and Kelley with their daughter Juniper.

Over his career, Bruce Springsteen has certainly touched many lives. But, a couple of fans took the time recently to write an open thank you letter for all The Boss has done.  Kelley French her husband Tom posted to their blog on October 10 a piece entitled “Dear Bruce: The Thing We Wanted To Say.”

What they wanted to say was how they believe the rock star’s music saved their baby daughter Juniper’s life. “We’ve been trying for five years to find a way to thank you,” the wrote. “Juniper was born at the limit of human viability outside the womb at just 23 weeks old, weighing 1 pound, 4 ounces.”

Juniper was born at 23 weeks.Facebook

Juniper was born at 23 weeks.

They went on to describe how the infant was in the hospital for six and a half months and “nearly died a million times.” During that time, Tom played an iPod inside Juniper’s incubator with Springsteen songs.

“My husband Tom, who has followed you on tour for 40 years, put a tiny iPod inside the incubator to drown out the beeps and alarms,’ wrote Kelley. “The first sounds our daughter heard were our voices mixed with yours. We had to build a world for her that was bigger than that plastic box.”

She added, “We hoped that the joy and promise in your music would offer her some hint of a better world, waiting. Without that, why would she fight?”

It was Bruce's music that helped this little girl survive.Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

It was Bruce’s music that helped this little girl survive.

Now, Juniper is a healthy and happy five-year-old and recently met the singer in Cambridge, Massachusetts during a book signing on October 10. It was a quick meet-and-greet, but the little girl was perfectly content.

“He already knows me,” she told her mom. “He sang to me all those songs.”