This gourmet gelato shop is now delivering to Jersey City and Hoboken

Bucket & Bay has an amazing limited time offer right

Bucket & Bay has an amazing limited time offer right now.

Gelato might be one of the greatest things ever invented and no one does it better than Jersey City’s Bucket & Bay. Everything is made completely from scratch and 100% grass fed milk is used. Oh, and did we mention their inventive flavors?

They boast tasty delights like Rose Latte, which is made with Egyptian rose petals bought in Chinatown, Lemon Thyme, and alcohol-infused (dark and stormy, Black Label vanilla), Bourbon Peach, and purple sticky rice to name a few. But, if that’s not enough to pay a visit to the shop, their latest venture will.

“For a limited time you can taste any of your favorite gelato flight flavors in a shake,” the shared on Instagram on October 13.

One fan already commented on the rare milkshake offer. “I had a red eye shake and it was AMAZING,” wrote user melisserrrebel. “Please don’t make it a seasonal option to make milkshakes, they’re so good!”

And if you can’t head over to the shop to try one of their fancy flavors, they announced last week that they now deliver to your home or office in Hoboken or Jersey City.

The shop delivers from 8 am to 10 pm from Jersey City’s West side all the way to 14th Street in Hoboken. The delivery charge is just $2.99 but for a limited time they are offering a 99 cent special with the promo code: 99centDelivery

You basically have no excuse not to eat their gelato.