Jewelry designer Julez Bryant fuses breast cancer journey and family into gorgeous 14K gold designs

Jewelry designer Julez Bryant next to a table of her beautiful pieces.Morgan Murrell |

Jewelry designer Julez Bryant next to a table of her beautiful pieces.

Why layer your clothes when you can layer your accessories?

OMJ stopped by SeeSaw in Tenafly to check out the latest pieces from fine jewelry designer Julez Bryant during her chic trunk show on Saturday. We were quickly blown away by the abundance of eye candy in the room, all handcrafted pieces made with 14K and 18K rose, yellow and white gold and adorned with various diamonds and precious gems. Choosing just one item is practically impossible, which is probably why the California-based designer believes they’re best sold in multiples.

Julez offers her customers a plethora of accessories including wrist cuffs, necklaces (statement pieces, dog tags, etc.) couture rings, leather chokers and wristbands, earrings and ear jackets, bangles and so much more!

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So what sets her jewelry a part from other lines? Not only is every single product made by hand, but they are also uniquely designed in shapes you won’t find anywhere else. Julez draws her inspiration from the natural beauty that lies right outside of your window. From exotic architectural landscapes to the silhouettes of flowers, she has a way of transforming them into fashion works of art.

You might have to save up a pretty penny to buy some of these gorgeous goodies. Gia by Julez Bryant, a collection targeted toward millennials and young trendsetters, ranges from $460 to $2,000, while customers will find pieces from her classic collection for under $10,000. For more luxurious products from her line, you’ll need to call and speak with her personally. The millennial collection is named after her daughter Gia Gonzales, who helps design the jewelry.

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What makes her jewelry even more special is the inspiration she draws from her own life. After beating breast cancer, Julez decided to channel her newfound strength into her work by creating a few powerful jewels that symbolize just how badass women can be.

“I want to do something for a younger woman that says ‘We’re survivors, we’re warriors,’ and is more relevant, like an arrow,” Bryant told JCK magazine. “Jewelry is so relevant to breast cancer because there is nothing more girly, and breast cancer takes away your femininity. And when you’re bald, rock a pair of big hoop earrings.”

If Julez Bryant wasn’t on your radar before, we’re sure she will be now!

Jewelry designer Julez Bryant with daugher Gia GonzalesMorgan Murrell |

Jewelry designer Julez Bryant with daugher Gia Gonzales