Going back to your roots: How to rock fall’s hottest hair trend like Gigi Hadid

Gigi HadidALAIN JOCARD/AFP/Getty Images

Gigi Hadid rocking the one-note hair trend

The hot fall hair trend is all about going back to your roots (literally!). From highlights, ombré, and balayage, we’ve seen so many fabulous hair coloring trends over the past year. But unfortunately these often put a dent in our wallets, and require quite a bit of maintenance. That’s why we are so happy to hear that this season’s biggest trend is easy, simple, and super affordable. One-note hair, which is basically one solid color all over, has been seen on the manes of Gigi Hadid, Rooney Mara and the Kardashians.

Justin Depasquale, co-owner of Depasquale the Spa in Morris Plains, tells OMJ going back to your natural color is both healthy and manageable.

“Although the movement of hair painting and balayage are not going anywhere, trends always shift as clients and hair artists want switch it up and take a break,” he says. “Most often, that means going with the thought process that less is more and simple is beautiful and striking. Thankfully, this fall is a great time to reboot and get hair back to one color, such as your natural color you were born with or a variation of it.”


Justin tells us that although when you recolor your existing hair and deepen your locks, the cuticle naturally smooths and appears healthier instantly, it is still imperative that all the three C’s are paid attention to (cut, color, and condition).

“Color is only as good as the condition and fresh suitable cut. With out condition, your color can only be so good. So be sure to invest in indulgences such as a gloss after your color service. This will enhance and add additional richness, shine, condition and longevity to your color,” he tells OMJ. “Also, don’t forget a deep conditioning treatment in between your color services. This will add moisture, protein and strength to ensure your color has maximum results; and of course with all color processing, a fresh suitable cut is the icing on the cake.”


Some products Justin recommends are Lakme’s Color Gloss, ECRU New York’s Acacias Hair Masque, and ECRU New York’s Acacia BB Cream.

We want to see your one-note hair! All you have to do is hashtag #omjstyle on your Instagram pics and your photos will automatically show up in our style section. We can’t wait to see your gorgeous fall manes.