Storybook Cosmetics is trying to make ‘Mean Girls’ makeup happen, that’s so fetch!

Actress Lindsay Lohan attends a private screening of "Mean Girls" on April 23, 2004 at Loews Lincoln Square Theater, in New York City.Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

This is not a drill! We repeat, this is not a drill!

An independent cosmetics company is looking to take your Mean Girls obsession to an entirely different level and we’re so here for it! Storybook Cosmetics recently announced they’re hard at work to bring you a totally fetch makeup palette called the Burn Book (duh) and it’s filled with movie-themed eyeshadow that will have you screaming, “you go Glen Coco!”

The palette isn’t quite finished yet, because the company is still trying to smooth out some licensing details. In the meantime, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around these fabulous and so-fitting eyeshadow color names:

On Wednesdays, we wear Mean Girls Makeup. ???? (Tentative idea, all depends on licensing ????????)

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  • “Wednesday” pink
  • “So Fetch” peach
  • “You Can’t Sit With Us” burnt orange
  • “Glen Coco” tan
  • “Army Pants” bright green
  • “Mouse… Duh” light gray
  • “ESPN Or Something” dark blue
  • “Flip Flops” baby blue

So who else is freaking out over this?!?