5 best kid yoga classes in north Jersey

These are the best kids' yoga classes in north Jersey.Carol's Youngsters Yoga

These are the best kids’ yoga classes in north Jersey.

Yoga is great for many things: getting in shape, clearing your mind and being able to finally touch your toes. Well guess what? Those benefits are great for children too. Now more than ever kids yoga is becoming popular and there are spots all over north Jersey to take your tot for a little downward dog. These are our favorite spots.

1. KidsYoga/Teeny Yogis at Studio Yoga, Madison

Kids will love taking classes at this pro studio.Facebook

Kids will love taking classes at this pro studio.

At this studio children learn self-reliance and discipline as they practice poses and games that increase balance, strength, and self-confidence. This class is for 7-11 years old and offered every Sunday. The instructor Sharyn also teaches Teeny Yogis for 3-6 year olds where children can expand their creativity and learn how to build trust, confidence, and discipline.

2. Bamboomoves Yoga, Englewood

Today during Kid's Yoga class ages 5-8 at Bamboomoves Yoga Englewood we spoke about the elements of nature: earth, water, fire & air and how they are found within birds, trees, rocks & everything around us including us. I was impressed how this basic Ayurveda wisdom was a hit with my mini #yogis & #yoginis. We reviewed #warrior 1, 2 & 3 and learned #peaceful warrior today where we noticed its open hearted vibe. Everyone agreed Warrior 3 is the most fun to practice of the warrior series because of how you can fly & fall. We had Warrior 3 flying to Florida, California, Paris & Thailand. We chilled out in a 5 minute meditation which was our longest ever. So far this is our 5th class and during our 1st class we did a 1 min meditation, 2 minutes during the 2nd class etc. I did have them recline on their backs for today's meditation. The restless bodhisattvas made a cocoon covering out of their yoga mats to quiet down while the rest of the gang stayed still. When I asked how the meditation was today the student who appeared to me to be into it said it wasn't a good meditation while to my surprise one of my cocooners said it was great. Our back bend was bow pose & our forward bend was paschimottanasana. We chanted HAM to activate our throat chakra & sweeten our words. We spoke about balancing listening & speaking. Next Tuesday is our last class. The little ones are asking when we will start again. My feeling is late winter/early spring for another 6 weeks. #love #kidsyoga #kidsyogateacher #kidsyogateachertraining #kidsyogaclass #kids #yoga #meditation #mindfulness #ayurveda #throatchakra #vissudha #chakra #krishna in #bamboomovesenglewood doing #mukulamudra #beakmudra #stretching his #unboundpotential #mural #lotus #allisonegandatwani #glamorousyogini

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Kids Yoga introduces children ages 5-8 to a fun yoga practice that is non competitive, physically inspiring as well as peaceful and calming. In a recent class they spoke about the elements of nature: earth, water, fire and air and how they are found within birds, trees, rocks and everything around us including us. They also taught a number of warrior moves. 

3. Twisty Kids Class/Peaceful Warriors at MimiYoga, Hoboken

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The Twisty Kids class is for ages 4-6 and kids will learn to relax and calm their bodies through breathing and visualization exercises and music. Here self-expression and silliness are encouraged. There are group games, building teamwork skills, and more. The Peaceful Warriors class is for 7-12 years old and this class will have kids learn to improve their focus and build more self-confidence through the practice of more challenging poses.

4. Teeny Yoginis/TweenYoga Classes at Bloom Yoga, Fair Lawn

This studio provides a wide range of children’s services. The Teeny Yoginis class is for 4-8 year olds, while Tween Yoga is for 9-12 years old. Bloom Yoga encourages children to be creative and explore their body and soul in a fun filled way. The instructors are certified and use a fun, imaginative approach incorporating animal imitations and nature along with adding in music, art, and storytelling. All children’s yoga classes are 45-60 minutes long and are limited to 10 kids so everyone can get that special attention they need.

5. Carol’sYoga Youngsters, Morristown

Carol's Youngsters Yoga offers amazing classes for kids.Carol's Youngsters Yoga

Carol’s Youngsters Yoga offers amazing classes for kids.

Poses are taught and then games are played to help reinforce and review the names and positions of the poses. Children are taught how to breathe and encouraged to share their ideas and creativity, such as making up their own poses. All classes no matter the age end with the message of peace sent to each student and with the ringing of the peace bell.