Delta goes designer: Zac Posen reveals stylish new airline uniforms

Fashion is going sky high thanks to Zac Posen.Instagram

Fashion is going sky high thanks to Zac Posen.

Newark airport is about to get a whole lot more chic…at least in the Delta terminal. Why? Well, celeb designer Zac Posen took on the task of creating the newest uniforms for the approximately 60,000 Delta employees working as ticket and gate agents, at the Sky Club and in flight.

“This is not models on the runway at all,” Zac told the New York Times. “These are people who have multiple tasks to do in their jobs. It takes great mental and physical concentration to do those tasks, and to be poised at the same time.”

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To come up with the fashionable yet functional designs, Zac actually shadowed Delta employees, including flight attendants and ticket agents, to better understand how they operate. His biggest concerns? Making them stain-resistant, wrinkle-free, and able to easily adjust from warm climate to cold. This is a far cry from dressing A-listers like Jessica Alba and Lea Michele for the red carpet.

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For this special project, he created four dozen looks that can be mixed and matched using different pieces like dresses, skirts and blazers, coats, shirts and pants in shades of purple, red, burgundy, and gray. This will be Delta employees first wardrobe refresh in a decade. The new fashions will replace the 2006 line created by designer Richard Tyler, reports the New York Times.  Travelers will begin to see them in action right away, but a full roll out isn’t expected until 2018.