DJ Envy and Gia Casey bare all in new podcast: Sex, ‘Real Housewives’ and parenting 5 kids

Radio personality DJ Envy (R) and a guest attend the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival After Party at Light Nightclub on September 19, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Kinnelon couple DJ Envy and Gia Casey met as teenagers and have been together an impressive 22 years; they celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary earlier this year. Because of their marriage’s longevity, and the fact that they are raising five kids together, people often ask them about their secret to a happy relationship, so now they’re dishing that and much more on their new podcast, The Casey Crew.


The first episode’s name, “I Saw those Double D’s and Knew I Was in Love,” should give you a hint that they are willing to talk about anything and everything, including sex. That title refers to DJ Envy watching Gia run track in high school and being intrigued by her. They met when she was 15 and he was 16 and started a romance that’s going strong to this day. During the podcast, they give a little background on their life together; she reveals that she never calls him Envy, but by his birth name, Raashaun Casey.

On Instagram, Gia wrote to her 150,000 followers, “We want people in all stages of their relationships to go on this journey with us… Whether you are single, dating, in a serious relationship or married – Tune in! We aim to be transparent and NOTHING is off the table.”

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Indeed, she’s absolutely right. They get far more personal than what names they call each other; she reveals that she lost her virginity to him, and one of the reasons he won out over other suitors was that he never pressured her for sex. “You were fine with just kissing for months; you really took your time before moving on to the next step,” explains Gia.

This is mixed in with a discussion about how they’re parenting their kids, especially teenagers Madison and Logan. Envy is the ultimate overprotective dad, taking Madison to a teen dance but rather than dropping her off outside, going inside so he can watch over her. Gia jokingly asks how long he’s going to do that, and he gives the impression that he would until she’s 21 if he could, while Gia is more in favor of giving her daughter a little more freedom so she can learn to take care of herself. Gia has given very detailed talks about the birds and the bees, including one that lasted three hours (with a snack break) with Madison and their teen son, Logan, when they started asking questions, while Envy is a little horrified to hear just how explicit those talks have been.

She’s modeling her parenting based on how she was raised, explaining, When I was growing up, my parents showed me so much respect. They weren’t the type of parents who would infringe on my privacy and they weren’t the ‘no’ parents.” Not so her husband, who proudly admits he looks at his kids’ phones so he can make sure he knows what they’re up to.

The show also features listener questions and an “argument of the week,” and leads to a hilarious and spirited discussion about his driving. Gia hates when he drives with his knee and makes her nervous; he think she should sit back, turn the radio up and relax.

They also show that even though they’re the type of family who vacations at luxury resorts in the Maldives, they still argue like any other couple. He hates it when he’s had a long day and she asks him to pick up something at the store, and she gets annoyed when he interrupts her watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey to ask for a backrub! After airing their grievances, they decide that they’ll both stand firm and say no when they really don’t feel like it, even though Gia argues that the key to a happy relationship is sometimes making compromises even when you don’t feel like it.

DJ Envy posted an adorable throwback photo of the two of them and wrote that they’ve “been together for over 20 years and experienced everything…. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!!!!! We will give advice, talk about our arguements(I seem to always lose) have celebrity couples and have great conversation.”

If you have questions for Gia Casey and DJ Envy you’d like to hear answered on air, you can email thecaseycrew at and they just may offer you advice on a future episode!