Pumpkin spice sushi is real

Get your hands on some pumpkin sushi this fall.Instagram

Get your hands on some pumpkin sushi this fall.

Fall is all about the pumpkins. Here at OMJ we’ve already told you where to find the perfect pumpkin, how to carve a pumpkin, what recipes to make out of it and where to find that perfect pumpkin spice latte. Now, the pumpkin craze has made its way over to another favorite food group of ours: Japanese. Yes, pumpkin sushi has arrived.

It was first spotted at Sushi Sushi in New York as the Pumpkin Tempura Mango. “It’s just like a spicy tuna roll, but with pumpkin and mango instead of tuna,” Igor Ginsberg, the manager of Sushi Sushi, told Gothamist. The roll is only available until the end of the months, but there’s a spot right here in New Jersey serving up their own concoctions.

East Gate restaurant in Verona serves an awesome pumpkin tempura roll all year round. You can pick up one of these delicious rolls at the no-frills spot that’s also BYOB and hosts all-you-can-eat sushi nights. That means you can fill up on all the pumpkin you want before the season is over. Yum!