Yes, you can now get rainbow mozzarella sticks at Tony Boloney’s


Just when you thought mozzarella sticks couldn’t be any more perfect, legendary Hoboken and Atlantic City restaurant Tony Boloney’s went and changed the game. The famous eatery has expanded its menu and now includes an entire section dedicated solely to mozzarella sticks!

Perhaps the ┬ámost exciting addition to the menu is the $15 Unicorn Blood sticks. “We invented it, Unicorn died for it, you have to try it… Rainbow Mozzarella Sticks. No dipping sauce, thats just sick,” the menu reads.

Yeah, we’re going to need a few orders of these. (Each order comes with five mozzarella sticks, so sharing probably isn’t an option. Sorry, not sorry.)

The new menu has five types of hand breaded mozzarella sticks, ranging from $10 to $15 and including Pesto, Chipotle, Truffle and Original Pretzel Mutz Sticks.

Feeling overwhelmed? Us, too.