Jacqueline Laurita reveals the ‘RHONJ’ ladies filmed upcoming reunion for 10 hours

InsideJersey.com's Kelly Dillon with Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline LauritaInsideJersey.com

InsideJersey.com’s Kelly Dillon with Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kim Depaola hosted her very first Posche by Kim D and Friends Pink Event: Women Empowerment Series Wednesday night at her Allendale boutique. The event featured a panel of five fabulous women, including co-star Jacqueline Laurita, who discussed how they all overcame obstacles and hardships in their lives.

While chatting with Jacqueline on the red carpet, I of course had to ask how she is enjoying being a glamma. Her daughter Ashlee Holmes gave birth to her first child, son Cameron Hendrix Malleo almost two months ago. Jacqueline tells me she’s having so much dressing up her beyond adorable grandson. She says she is so proud of the incredible mother Ashlee has become.

“She’s doing amazing. She’s the best mom. She didn’t really babysit a lot when she was younger, but she is a hands on mom like 24/7. She’s the best mom. I’m like blown away how loving she is and how great she is with him. It’s the cutest thing to see.”

My little buddy #CameronHendrix #GlammaLife

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Jacqueline also revealed that she is doing fine after a grueling 10 hour taping of the RHONJ reunion.

“You guys will see two with commercial, so a lot will get cut out. I have no idea what’s going to air. It was bizarre in parts. Weird accusations, but predictable,” she tells me. “I feel like I handled my own very well. I just spoke the truth. It’s the first reunion where I left and I wasn’t upset or stressed. I left there in a good mood. For the first time I felt relaxed leaving a reunion.”

She adds, “Once you let go and you dont care about certain people, you just see people for who they are. It makes it easier. It was such a relief for me. I felt good leaving.”

Now that Season 7 is winding down, I had to ask if there’s been any talk about Season 8 yet. “I’m pretty sure they’ll be another season,” she tells OMJ. In the meantime, Jacqueline said she and her husband Chris Laurita are writing a book about their journey with autism with their youngest son Nicholas.

This #RHONJ Season 7 reunion was shocking, bizarre, and AMAZING all at the same time.

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The woman of the night Kim D, revealed to us that loves her title as RHONJ drama-stirrer, but is quick to insist that she is simply only telling the truth. She says, “I’ve never called one of them a name. They’ve terrorized each other. If you really look back, I have not done one thing to these girls, but bring out the truth because that’s what I’m there for. Cause when they act phony, and they do, I come on to call them out on it.”

Kim DePaola is interviewed by InsideJersey.comInsideJersey.com

Kim DePaola is interviewed by InsideJersey.com

Kim adds, “I’m portrayed as an instigator on the show. Yes, that’s my job. I come on to tell the truth. I never told a lie. If I can get an award for Best Supporting Agitator International, and be on a show that I love and promote my business, bring it on.”