How this NJ eyebrow stylist will change your life (or at least tint your eyebrows)


If you have ever spent hours scrolling through eyebrow transformation photos on Instagram, you’ll understand how easy it is to become overwhelmed with the many varieties of eyebrow grooming. There’s waxing, threading, microblading, tinting and probably a dozen other methods that haven’t yet hit the mainstream beauty industry. How can one possibly decide which procedure will create the path to perfect brows?

By enlisting the help of a brow guru, obviously.

After a few years of absolutely tragic over-plucking, I finally decided to let my eyebrows grow freely. (Well, within reason. I’m shooting for a Cara Delevigne or Lily Collins look, not Frida Kahlo. Although, if she’s your eyebrow inspiration, you should totally go for it.) Licensed esthetician Jen McElroy was conveniently holding an eyebrow workshop at Studio 9 in Springfield right around the time my eyebrows were starting to look like they belonged to Ebenezer Scrooge, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

At the workshop, Jen sculpted eyebrows into masterpieces. It’s difficult to say exactly how Jen completes each eyebrow shaping process, as it differs for each client depending on their needs.

A first glance, Jen knew exactly what she wanted to do with my eyebrows. She suggested a tint to so my brows would appear fuller and match my (recently dyed) hair color. She explained that while many estheticians will wax before tinting, she does the reverse to lessen the chances of a negative skin reaction.

My hair is currently an almost-black brown, so Jen mixed a custom tone for my brows. She applied the solution and kept a close eye on it. Typically, it should stay on brows for three to five minutes, but because the changes happen so quickly, Jen watches to avoid a too-dark tint. As a personal preference, she then removes the product with water before using the remover solution.

The tinting process looks a little bit like a bad brow meme.

The tinting process looks a little bit like a bad brow meme.

I took a peek at my freshly tinted brows before Jen began to shape them, and was amazed by how much of a difference I saw! They already looked fuller and more defined.

Next, Jen trimmed my eyebrows. I’ve always been terrified to let anyone touch my brows because I love to leave a few long, unruly hairs in the mix and I’m afraid that I might end up with a scissor-happy stylist. This was not the case with Jen. Although she certainly approaches each set of brows with her own creative vision, she is very understanding of the fact that each client has a personal brow preference.

Given a history of less-than-awesome waxing experiences, my entire body clenched up when Jen took out the wax. Beauty is pain, so I was fully ready to recreate Steve Carrell’s 40-Year-Old Virgin wax scene if necessary. But again, Jen surprised me. The term “gentle wax” sounds oxymoronic, but this was genuinely the most delicate waxing service I’ve ever had.

Jen then tweezed a few stray hairs. Of course, it was another painless step in the process. To finish the look, she lifted my brows by blending the Jen MC Dual Brow Highlighter (which is her own $18 highlight pencil that includes both a matte and shimmer concealer) under my brow line.

I am now the proud owner of two fabulous eyebrows that won’t require any filling in for approximately two weeks! (Seriously, there is nothing better than knocking a step out of the daily beauty routine. I’ll be sleeping in an additional five minutes every day for the next two weeks.)


Jen provides waxing, tinting, makeup application and lash extension services. A wax is $20 and for an additional $10, you can have your brows tinted. To schedule an appointment, contact Jen through her website or Instagram. Currently located in Union, Jen is a traveling freelancer who hopes to open her own studio soon!